Convert WAB to Outlook PST

Convert WAB To PST and Excel and Get Your Contacts in vCard Format

Windows Address Book is an important application offered by Microsoft that is used for contact management. It allows the user to share the single list of contact in multiple applications and Outlook Express is the most common user of it. But, now maintaining of contact information in WAB format is no more considered as tech savvy as well as smart because now, it's the time of vCard contact format. So, if you want to convert your WAB to vCard format then convert WAB to Outlook PST and within PST start utilizing the benefit of vCard.

Now the question is how to convert a WAB file to PST? The answer is, by taking third party tool's help. Yes, WAB Converter is one the best known software that has been embedded with all technical algorithms using which user would be able to convert WAB to PST and XLS format in the best possible manner. Conversion of WAB in PST format will help the user to get the benefit of having contacts in vCard format, while convert WAB to Excel format helps the user to have contact data more managed in Excel format. Moreover, this software is even helpful to user when they try to convert the Outlook Express address to book to Outlook. Because, Outlook Express uses WAB file as address book.

Some Of the Key Interesting Aspects Of Software Are

Guaranteed And Accurate Data Conversion: – Like our all other software WAB file converter tool also ensures complete and accurate conversion of data. No, alteration or loss is being done in entire process.

Supportive To Both ANSI And Unicode PST: – When software convert WAB files to PST then it does know that PST has two versions and so the software has been made supportive to both version of PST.

In addition to that software has very simple and self-understanding features that make it easy to operate by any user.

Get Free Trial Of Software For Better Understanding

In-order to make the users understand about WAB file converter interface, a free trail is being given. With trial version, user would be able to convert first 15 contacts from WAB to PST as well as Excel format.